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IBM Cognos Solutions

SAP users preparing to invest in functionality such as business intelligence (BI) or performance management (PM) should consider an IBM Cognos application. Nucleus finds that SAP users turn to IBM Cognos software in order to have less costly deployments, faster time to benefit, and greater productivity improvements for end users.


Although organizations typically find it easy to accumulate data from their ERP system, it often remains unusable or unavailable to the decision makers who need it.
Some of the barriers to better use of data include:
  • Cost. Organizations often balk at the cost of strategic investments necessary to make data usable, such as master data management and tools for creating standardized reports, scorecards, and dashboards.
  • Ad-hoc tools. In the absence of automation, people create their own reporting and analysis tools — typically in Excel — which lead to various versions of the truth, different ways to interpret data, and lost productivity.
  • Static reports. Reporting systems based on static reports are costly because they require report builders to continually create new customized report iterations in order to meet end users’ evolving needs and preferences.
  • Silos. In the absence of a structured way to use and analyze data, and without integration among data sources, employees get at best a limited view of their business, which severely limits their analytical and decision-making abilities.
Nucleus finds that these challenges are best overcome by deploying automated tools for report building, planning, and budgeting, as well as other applications such as BI and PM. When it comes to vendor selection, companies often face a choice between deploying a new application that is specially built for these tasks or extending their existing ERP. Senior management, including CIOs, often view extension of an ERP system to be a low-cost option that will create uniformity of data and data analysis.
Additionally, ERP vendors in general, and SAP in particular, often propose extending ERP at little or no additional license cost. These factors can lead to a decision-making process that inadequately examines the comparative benefits of ERP-based versus BI-focused tools and is too narrowly focused on their
perceived costs.


Nucleus found that using IBM Cognos software for functionality such as BI or PM rather than SAP or SAP Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW) translated into a number of key returns involving less risky deployments, greater ease of use, and lower ongoing costs.
Specific benefits included:
  • Lower deployment costs
  • Faster time to benefit
  • Reduced training costs
  • Improved productivity
  • Better reporting
  • Increased returns on existing ERP investments

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Note: Nucleus Research is a global provider of investigative technology research and advisory services. Building on its unique ROI case study approach, for nearly a decade Nucleus Research has delivered insight and analysis on the true value of technology and strategies for maximizing current investments and exploiting new technology opportunities. For more information or a list of services, visit NucleusResearch.com


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