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Installing IDES

Have problem installing IDES ?
If you are having problem installing an IDES system then probably you are installing an IDES system on 32- bit windows OS .  The standard procedure to install SAP ECC 6.0 now supports only 64 bit environments (hardware and operating-system). But dont be shocked, read this to know how to install IDES on 32-bit systems.
I recently had to set up two IDES systems on Windows 32-bit, ECC and CRM, both IS Media version. If your environment offers 'only' 32 bit support, you have to set up your IDES system not as a normal installation but as a system copy.

The Media was shipped by SAP. The DVD media is no different then standard installation set we use for Netweaver Installation.   The only differences is the IDES specific Installation Master DVD and DB-Export-DVDs. Other components such as kernal and DB RDBMS/client can be used as per standard installation of your IDES version.

The step mention below are those that are different from standard Installation method. for Basis guys who are already conversant with standard installation methods. If you are new to SAP Installations, then you might want to refer Installation guide and follow the system copy methods of installation.

Lets Start with our Installation preparation.
Step 1 - Download installation master
For me the installation master provided with the IDES DVD set did not work. If that’s the same case with you, download the standard 32- bit Netweaver Master that supports your IDES version.
Now you have to modify your DB-Export-DVDs so as to make “DB Export” for system-copy option.

Step 2 - Preparing DB-Export
Copy all the DB-Export DVDs to disc. They have the structure
- DVD4\EXP4 to EXP11
Now move all files from DVD2/EXP2/DATA to DVD1/EXP1/DATA
Now move all files from DVD3/EXP3/DATA to DVD1/EXP1/DATA
Now move all files from DVD4/EXP4/DATA to DVD1/EXP1/DATA
Now modify file DVD1/EXP1/LABEL.ASC
Change the text line in the file with an editor

Step 3 - Starting Installation
Now start sapinst from the Master-DVD with the option:
SAP ERP 6.0 -> Software Life-Cycle Options ->  System Copy -> <Database Software> -> Target System Installation -> Central System -> Based on AS ABAP
Central System
and Next
This option allows still an installation on 32 bit hardware and/or 32 bit
operating systems.

Step 4 - Selecting Installation Method
When SAPinst asks for the 'Installation Method' choose
'Standard System Copy / Migration (load based)'

Step 5 - Select the DB-Export we have prepaid
When SAPinst asks for the 'Migration Export' choose
the path to ../DVD1/EXP1'
The next steps are the same as for the 'normal' installation and described.

Though I had to take help from SAP Support to get though, I have used this method to install both IDES ECC 6 and CRM 7.  I am sure after understanding the probelm, you can install any latest IDES on 32-systems using this method.

SAP Note 1379040 - IDES ERP 6.0 ECC 6.0 incl. EHP4
Hussain Sehorewala  Basis / Netweaver Technology Consultant in IBM
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