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SAPehpi for support pack upgrade

Since end of October 2010 a new version of SAP enhancement package installer is general available for customers via SAP Service Marketplace. You can use new SAPehpi for pure support pack upgrade:
We used SAPehpi to upgrade support pack in Solution Manager, ECC6.0 EHP4 dual stack, SRM,SUS and Net weaver components like BI and cFolders.
Following are the lesson learns during support pack upgrade:
  • SAPOSCOL will not be copied by SAPehpi. Make sure after upgrade you manually copy SAPOSCOL to exe directory.
  • Keep only relevant profiles in profile directory.
  • Before starting downtime phase system prompts for offline backup, if you have dual stack (ABAP+Java), it does not come after backup because ABAP stack is locked for upgrade
  • Don’t click back button after queue calculation. SAPehpi will not refresh the queue, and it will create inconsistency and prompt errors.
  • During upgrade SAP Kernel is overwritten. Make sure you created copy of existing kernel before upgrade for any third party executables.
  • Refer Note “1399846 - Deploy_online_Depl fails:No Qeueue with sapjup-queue id” before upgrade.
  • Keep latest kernel in the download directory SAPehpi will automatically implement it.
  • Create user in client ‘000’ before starting upgrade with development access.
  • Make sure you have sufficient desk space in /usr/sap and download directory
  • <sid>adm has require permission in download directory
  • Don’t stop or start shadow instance manually. During upgrade SAPehpi will automatically shutdown or restart instance if required.
Sanjay Hanspal - Specialist Master in Deloitte Consulting.
Reblogged from SDN SAP Blogs.


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