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SM02 Message Problem

If SAP system messages which be created by SM02 transaction, are not display even the SAP system message still valid.

New users cannot display the current SAP system messages. The SAP system only displays system messages that were created after the first login of the user.

Next time logon by this user, the SAP system messages are not displayed to this user. This problem is caused by a SAP program error.

The solution is implement correction attached in SAP OSS note 1115177 to this OSS note solves the problem error only partially. This SAP error is corrected with Support Package 15. For technical reasons, the corrections cannot be delivered as correction instructions.

If a user with the same name first logs on to a different client, the system message is marked as read. Or if the user with the same name now logs on to another client, this message is not displayed, since it was marked as read.

Whether or not a message is marked as read not only depends on the user name but also on the client the user is logged on to and on the logon language.


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