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F110: Error in payment method

F110: Error in payment method selection without job log

The SAP system displays an additional log only for selected customers and vendors. If there is no specified any vendors or customers, the additional log is not displayed.
However, the payment method selection may fail due to various reasons. Since only one reason can be entered as an error indicator REGUP-POKEN, the SAP system can provide more detailed information about the last reason for error only.

The items receive the item indicator 006 with the text "No valid payment method found" in the proposal display or payment display or in the proposal list or payment list. This text is defined in message FZ 506. If the SAP system does not display the additional log, the reason for the error cannot be determined.

Solution is implement the attached program corrections in SAP OSS Note: 1414503
If the additional log is requested for the payment method selection, but the list of accounts is empty, the system still logs an incorrect payment method selection.

In a payment proposal run or payment run, the SAP system states that there is no permitted payment method (message FZ 608). Even though the logging of the payment method selection has been requested in the payment method parameters for the additional log, the system does not display this log.

The following SAP messages are issued:
FZ 608 "> No permitted payment method exists"
FZ 304 "Information re. vendor & / customer & / paying company code & …"
FZ 390 "Payment with currency &1, payment method &2: No valid payment procedure"


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