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How to Send a System Message

Imagine that you’re working configuring a certain SAP module, touching several tables and configuration spots. Sometimes it might happen that someone else is maintaining the same table that you need access. This standard Function Module could be useful in these cases, since you might not know an alternative way to contact the user locking the table or other SAP object. Since the system will display who is locking the table, you will know for whom to send the message.
Here’s how it goes.

Trying to access the table

When trying to maintain a certain table, the user will receive the following warning:

Sending a system message using a standard SAP function module

Once you’ve identified the user, access SE37 – assuming you have permission! In SE37 call SAP standard function module TH_POPUP.

Fill in the following input parameters:
- CLIENT: the system client on which you’re working on. If you don’t know this, take a look at the lower right status bar;
- USER: the user for which you want the message to be delivered;
- MESSAGE: the text message you want to deliver to the user;
- MESSAGE_LEN: allows you to define a message length. Leave it empty;
- CUT_BLANKS: allows you to specify if you want to trim existing spaces. Leave it empty.
To submit the message just hit “Execute (F8)”

What the user receives

When you click on “Execute (F8)”, the destination user receives the following message as a pop-up:

This is just a simple system tool that can help you in a day to day basis, working with SAP.

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