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Difference between SAP areas

Hi, I am a recruiter and would like to know what is the difference between these 3: SAP Developer, SAP Technical Consultant and SAP Techno Functional Consultant. Would highly appreciate a reply from you.

Broadly, there are 3 areas in SAP [ There can be several other sub-categories ]:

  1. Functional [ like MM/PP/SD ] : Related to business processes and configuration
  2. Development [ also called technical or ABAP or Netweaver programming ]: Related to programming
  3. Basis/Netweaver/SAP/Technical admin : related to system installation and support

a.) SAP developer is related with 2.

b.) SAP Technical consultant is related with 2 and can also be referred for 3. So you need to check the requirement in details and ensure which one is being referred. It also indicates a higher level of expertise and experience in the field compared to a.)

c.) Techno-Functional is someone with experience in both development [programming ] as well as functional areas. Generally, these are the consultants with
a lot of experience in development and by virtue of working with functional consultants and users, they've also acquired skills in business process and config [ functional ] side.
In any case, for your purpose you should look into details of a consultant's CV and try to match with the resourcing-requirement document.

So it seems that recruitment consultants are now getting serious about their job and trying to understand what business needs. They usually rely on word-matching between resourcing requirement document and consultant's CVs.

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