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SAP PM: authorisation objects

How to get the authorisation objects for SAP PM?

Check this for the common PM authorisation objects:
  • I_ILOA - Change location and accounting data in the order
  • I_CCM_ACT - Configuration Control authorization object
  • I_ALM_ME - Mobile Asset Management

  • I_VORG_MEL - PM/QM: Business Operation for Notifications
  • I_QMEL - PM/QM: Notification Types
  • I_BEGRP - PM: Authorization Group
  • I_BETRVORG - PM: Business Operation
  • I_VORG_MP - PM: Business Operation for Maintenance Planning
  • I_VORG_ORD - PM: Business Operation for Orders
  • I_KOSTL - PM: Cost Centers
  • I_INGRP - PM: Maintenance Planner Group
  • I_IWERK - PM: Maintenance Planning Plant
  • I_SWERK - PM: Maintenance Plant
  • I_AUART - PM: Order Type
  • I_SOGEN - PM: Permit
  • I_ROUT - PM: Task List
  • I_ROUT1 - PM: Task Lists by PM Planning Plant, Work Scheduler, Status
  • I_TCODE - PM: Transaction Code
  • I_CCM_STRC - Structure gap maintenance authority
  • I_WPS_MEB - WPS: Maintenance Event Builder
  • I_WPS_REV - WPS: Revision authorization object
You can get this from tcode SU21 select the required module and you will have these objects.


You Can Get the details of Authorization Object & Their Authorisation field from Table TOBJ by using T code SE16 & select object Class as PM.

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