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SAP Manufacturing Execution (SAP ME) is a powerful, enterprise-level, scalable, manufacturing business solution that enables global manufacturers to manage and control manufacturing and shop floor operations. It provides a multi-faceted set of features that integrates business systems to the shop floor, allowing for complete component and material-level visibility for single and global installations.
SAP ME ensures that product is designed and built right the first time, collecting data from multiple sources and integrating data systems with shop floor activities to create one comprehensive production record.
The result is an aggregate record of the entire product history, stored and available for effective key decision-making and for meeting compliance requirements.
Manufacturers who implement SAP ME as part of their integrated manufacturing operations can do the following:
  • Provide users with real-time visibility across entire enterprise
  • Access to real-time manufacturing data to make quick and informed decisions
  • Accurately track and manage WIP to ensure right products are being made at right time
  • Optimize plant performance and profitability
  • Improve quality and reduce variation through corrective action processes that prevent escape of defective product
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