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Dummy Profit Center Creation in SAP

To create the dummy profit center for the controlling area in SAP.
The dummy profit center is updated in data transfers whenever the object to which the data was originally posted (cost center, order, and so on) is not assigned to a profit center.
This ensures that the data in Profit Center Accounting is complete. The data can be sent later on the dummy profit center to the other profit centers using assessment or distribution.

The dummy profit center’s master record is created using this special transaction ( KE59 ). Normal SAP transaction to create normal profit center is KE01 transaction. To change or display it, use the normal profit center maintenance functions ( KE52KE53 transaction ).
The name of the dummy profit center is displayed in the controlling area settings for Profit Center Accounting.

Before dummy profit center can be created in SAP system, the standard hierarchy must exist for the current controlling area ( KCH4 transaction ).
The standard hierarchy is a tree structure for organizing all the profit centers belonging to a controlling area. In the standard hierarchy, there are two types of node as structure elements:
• Profit centers can be assigned directly to an end node.
• Summarization nodes do not themselves contain profit centers. Instead, they summarize other nodes (end nodes or summarization nodes).

Dummy Profit Center Creation
Enter the name of the dummy profit center. The rest of the steps are the same as when you create a normal profit center.
Choose the function Extras → Set controlling area first to make sure that the correct controlling area is set.

Controlling Area Settings
In the following steps, the basic settings required can be made to run Profit Center Accounting according to your requirements.
Under Maintain Controlling Area Settings
    • Assign certain master data to the controlling area • Make the settings for the distribution scenario (ALE)
    • Make the settings for elimination of internal business volume
    • Determine which currencies and, where required, which valuation views you wish to use
    • You make settings which control postings of transaction data in the actual and plan systems underActivate Update.

All of the basic controlling area settings can be checked under Analyze Settings (1KE1)
Profit Center Accounting → Basic Settings → Controlling Area Settings → Analyze Settings
and be changed in certain cases using the function Update Basic Settings.
Profit Center Accounting → Basic Settings → Controlling Area Settings → Update Basic Settings

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  1. Can some one explain the usage of a dummy profit center?

  2. Hi @Anon; "The dummy profit center is the default profit center to which data is posted when the corresponding object has not been assigned to a profit center.

    You can find out which objects are not assigned to profit centers by analyzing the postings assigned to the profit center. You can also assess or distribute data from the dummy profit center to the desired profit centers.

    It may happen that some objects in your system are inadvertently left without an assignment to a profit center. In this case, postings to accounts which are defined as revenue or cost elements are assigned to the dummy profit center of the controlling area to which the object posted to belongs. This ensures that your internal and financial accounting data are reconciled.

    You should not assign data intentionally to your dummy profit center for the purpose of allocating it later. If desired, define a separate "allocation profit center" for this purpose."

    That's help u?


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